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Current events in the markets offer very interesting investment opportunities that have not been here for a long time. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to evaluate undervalued stocks and take full advantage of current declines. Right now we are looking for great investment potential and interesting appreciation. Participate in them with us.

The fund’s existing portfolio is diversified between private equity projects with stable growth returns and fixed-rate financial market instruments that provide certainty of the fund’s appreciation. Exclusive opportunities in capital markets require patience and waiting in the order of several years, given the economic cycle or the global atmosphere. Therefore, so far only investments have been invested in securities within the fund’s portfolio. Right now, however, there is a situation where huge investment opportunities are opening up, which we can use thanks to our strategy. We are going to expand our portfolio with investments in publicly traded shares. We target a fund return of 12%.

Current portfolio structure
  • 30% private equityExpected return 10-15%
  • 70% financial market instrumentsExpected return 6-8%
Planned portfolio structure
  • 30% private equityExpected return 10-15%
  • 30% publicly traded stocksExpected return 10-50%
  • 40% financial market instrumentsExpected return 6-8%
equity assets
  • Investments in private equity assets represent the stable growth potential of the fund
  • We are looking for opportunities across sectors
  • Currently invested projects in the food, energy and real estate sectors
  • We are monitoring the interesting market opportunities offered by the current situation and we are going to take advantage of them
traded shares
  • We achieve above-standard returns by investing in exclusive opportunities on the capital markets
  • The current situation brings us incredible investment opportunities across the EU and US stock markets that we plan to take advantage of
  • Based on our unique know-how and excellent knowledge of the investment environment, we can evaluate undervalued stocks
  • Through our own activity, we initiate the correction of the company to achieve its real value
Tools of
financial market
  • Investment in interest-bearing financial market instruments brings certainty to the fund’s appreciation
  • Investments represent minimal risk and guarantee a regular financial income
  • Achieving returns at least in excess of inflation and in excess of standard market returns

Our projects

In line with its investment strategy, the fund plans to acquire additional energy projects in the near future and to acquire ownership interests in companies specializing in employment.

Private equity assets

Real estate project Jihlava

Real estate sector

Arca Capital CEE has an ownership interest in LPM Development s.r.o. owning land – project “U Lipové Aleje”. It is an attractive location in the city of Jihlava intended for the development of individual housing with the possibility of building apartment buildings. Expected project yield: 20%.

Private equity assets

Ondrášovka Holding a.s.

Food industry

In April 2020, Ondrášovka Holding, a.s. successfully completed the transaction in the food industry by transferring shares in ONDRÁŠOVKA a.s. (70%) and Karlovarská Korunní s.r.o. (100%) to Kofola Československo a.s. The fund participated in the transaction by transferring owned bonds issued by Karlovarská Korunní s.r.o. The completed transaction will have a positive and significant effect on the appreciation of the fund’s share in Ondrášovka Holding a.s.

Private equity assets

Nova Green Energy


The fund’s current investment in Nova Green Energy Fund shares brings the fund a stable appreciation. Nova Green Energy directly owns energy sources producing green electricity and heat in the Central European region. It has assets under management worth CZK 2.5 billion and the annual electricity production of the fund’s assets is 62 GWh.

We can correctly evaluate opportunities in the publicly traded market that offer attractive valuations. Thanks to our unique know-how, we have achieved above-standard value.

Publicly traded shares

Company Unipetrol

Refinery company

We joined the Unipetrol refinery at a time when the market has not yet been able to properly appreciate its positive development. The shares were pressed to an extremely low level due to the illegible strategy of the majority shareholder and also due to the accident in the Záluží complex. However, Unipetrol benefited from high refining and petrochemical margins, as well as from very good insurance, which covered the repair of damaged technology and lost profits. The company therefore reported record profits and, in addition, had a very strong balance sheet without debt and with excess cash. The reopening of the damaged ethylene unit and the approval of the dividend contributed to the growth of the share price, which was also crowned by a voluntary takeover offer made by the majority shareholder. We successfully completed the investment with an appreciation of 115%.

Evaluation of the project view
Publicly traded shares

Company O2


As part of the completed investment in O2 Czech republic shares, we took advantage of the growth potential of the stock and an interesting dividend policy. Likewise, the return of O2 shares to the international MSCI index was reflected in a renewed rise in the share price, which also contributed to our ability to exit the project successfully. The share in the growth of the fund’s equity during the project implementation was 59%.

Evaluation of the project view

Types of investment instruments such as: bonds, loans, bills.

Financial market instruments

Bonds, loans and bills

Financial market instruments

The certainty of the appreciation of the Arca Capital CEE fund is brought by investments in interest-bearing financial market instruments. Investments represent minimal risk and guarantee a regular financial income.

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Our portfolio is diversified so that it always brings the certainty of investment return and, thanks to its unique know-how, the potential for above-standard returns.