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What needs to be met

The investment in the Arca Capital CEE fund is intended exclusively for qualified investors complying with Section § 7272 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll., On Investment Companies and Investment Funds (ZISIF), and therefore it is necessary to invest at least EUR 125,000 (approximately CZK 3,500,000). The fund’s shares are traded on the Prague Stock Exchange, which the investor purchases through his securities dealer. When processing the investor’s instructions, the securities trader is obliged to check whether the investor is a qualified investor.

Given the current opportunities in the stock markets, in the field of private equity and due to the planned changes in the banking sector, we would like to address you with the opportunity to participate more significantly in our strategy and share the potential returns of the fund. That is why we have decided to introduce you to other forms of investment in connection with your questions and suggestions – we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary additional information.


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Last published value of NAV on 31.12.2019: 148 275 CZK
Evaluation* per year 2019:5,9 % p.a.**
Evaluation* per year 2018:4,1 % p.a.
Evaluation* per year 2017:15,7 % p.a.
* growth of fund capital for the given period
** percentage expression of the year-on-year growth of the reported NAV as at 31 December 2019 in the amount of CZK 148,275 / share increased by the dividend paid in the amount of CZK 7,500 / share compared to NAV as at 31 December 2018 in the amount of CZK 147,075

Investment evaluation

Get to know our strategy

The Arca Capital CEE fund is intended for qualified investors who expect a stable development of their investments, while appreciating the potential for above-standard returns. We are able to achieve these thanks to our know-how and activist strategy using exclusive opportunities in the capital markets. The targeted performance of the fund is 6-18% per year.

11 years of
successful history

The Arca Capital CEE investment fund was established in 2008 by the Arca Capital investment group as one of the first funds of qualified investors. Since the founding of the fund, we have been investing our own funds with the same strategy as our clients’ funds.

Unique investment

The fund has a unique investment strategy with the aim of maximizing profit for shareholders while maintaining the highest possible level of investment security. The portfolio is diversified so that it always brings the certainty of investment return and, thanks to its unique know-how, the potential for above-standard returns.

Attractive valuation
of investments

Thanks to our unique strategy and excellent know-how, we have been bringing our investors an attractive return for 11 years. The average appreciation of the fund is 8.6% per year (figure for the past three years, including the dividend paid). The targeted performance of the fund is 6-18% per year.

Trading on Prague
Stock Exchange

The fund’s shares are publicly traded on the Prague Stock Exchange. The Exchange brings shareholders another level of control over the operation of the fund and a number of benefits, including exemption from personal income tax when transferring shares: in the Czech Republic after 3 years from the acquisition of shares, in the Slovak Republic after 1 year. Business data here.

Why evaluate your investment with Arca Capital CEE?
“For more than twenty years, I have been doing business and investing in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and in the markets in the USA. We apply our knowledge of the investment environment to create and control the fund’s strategy. We choose a mix of investment opportunities that has been valuing our client’s finances every year for 11 years. We have unique know-how that brings attractive value. I believe that our successful results will convince you of that. “
Pavol Krupa
chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arca Capital CEE
Pavol Krupa